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I’ve just returned from my B.Sc. presentation on applied text-mining techniques for stock market predictions. Each semester when the thesis presentations are held, lower semesters present their one-term projects. Each student at my faculty has to do two of those during his/her studies.

There were some pretty neat projects. Alas I haven’t had a chance to talk to all of them you can check out the full list (in German) over at the faculty website.

Distributed, fail-safe block devices

The guys researching distributed, fail-safe block devices did a great evaluation of current technologies and compiled a nice demonstration with three datastore nodes running virtual machine instances.

TeachRobot control

Some of the code for the “TeachRobot” robotic arm interface project is available over at I guess they’ll submit their work to Hack a Day soon. Meanwhile check out Christians Logic Analyzer project if you’re in lack of an oscilloscope.

SoapBubble Bot from 32leaves on Vimeo.

The goal of this semesters project, was to build a new interface for existing legacy hardware (actually 30 years old legacy). To demonstrate what we did, we came up with that little demo: making soap bubbles with a robot.

Lecture Podcasts

I really like the idea of multimedial learning in a way that’s up to date with current technologies. The guys who developed a neat lecture podcasting system presented quiet performant streaming and a neat, SilverLight based, web interface. Big plus was the video of my UnFUG lightning talk I gave yesterday to get in shape for my thesis presentation. 😉


Those were only three picks, even the first-semester project developing a touch-based information system for the faculty showed a decent progress this semester. Great work.

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